Tarun Vallabhaneni

Secretary General

Tarun Vallabhaneni is an 11th grader in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at Oakridge International School, pursuing Biology, Chemistry and Economics at a higher level.

He strongly believes that Model UN conferences have the power to elevate ideas to greater heights. Since starting his MUN journey in 2013, Tarun has attended MUNs at a national level, as a delegate, chairperson and secretariat member.

An aspiring doctor and entrepreneur, it’s almost impossible to predict what Tarun’s doing at a particular time, but engaging in discussions about Star Wars is a good place to start.

He is delighted to be serving as the Secretary-General for OakMUN 2018 and promises to make it an unparalleled conference and debate platform for the delegates!

Navika Reddy

Charge D'affaires

Navika Reddy is an 11th grader currently pursuing psychology, biology and chemistry at a higher level as a part of the Diploma Programme.

She is one of the most joyous, free-spirited and energy packed people you will ever come across. She enjoys listening to all genres of music, singing loudly, and loves a good laugh. In her free time you would find her hanging out with her family and friends or weeping over re-runs of One Tree Hill. Navika is spontaneous and likes to show levels of creativity in all her work. She loves to rack her brains about a good problem and sincerely performs best under pressure.

As Chargé d’Affaires of OakMUN 2018, she aims to put together a conference that will truly be one of the most exciting, interactive and exhilarating experiences for all delegates.

Pranith Sudini

Charge D'affaires

Pranith is a junior currently pursuing the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program at Oakridge International School. While he has attended his fair share of Model UN conferences as both a delegate, and an Executive Board member, OakMUN 2018 will be the first in which he essays the role of Charge D’affaires.

Aside from Model UN, Pranith plays competitive basketball and vehemently supports the football club Bayern Munich (they’re the best club in the world, trust him- he’s definitely unbiased).

As Charge D’affaires for OakMUN 2018, he not only promises that it will be an exceptional experience, but also hopes that the conference will make you as passionate about Model United Nations as he is!

Avyakth Challa

USG of Policy

Avyakth Challa is currently in the 11th grade at Oakridge International School. He attended his first MUN in 7th grade, and since then he has attended a number of MUNs as a delegate, executive Board member, and a Secretariat member.

MUNs have become a passion of his and have helped shape him into the person he is today. Other than debating, Avyakth enjoys playing the guitar and is also an avid reader.

He looks forward to seeing you all at OakMUN and hopes to help make it an unforgettable experience for all of you!

Virinchi Vemulapallii

USG of Policy

Meet Virinchi Vemulapalli, a junior pursuing Chemistry, Biology and Physics at a Higher Level as part of the IBDP Program. Whilst he aspires to pursue psychiatry, he also nurses a deep interest in History.

His other interests include singing, listening to and playing music, as well as spending large amounts of time browsing memes.

He looks forward to working as part of the OakMUN team in the hope of furthering the conference where his own engagement with MUNs began!

Agnika Reddy

USG of Public Relations

Agnika Reddy is currently a junior at Oakridge International school, studying Biology, Psychology and Chemistry at a higher level as part of the IB diploma programme. She’s been an avid Munner for 4 years now, and she hasn’t looked back ever since.

Undoubtedly a standout amongst the most joyful and cordial individuals you’ll ever meet, she thoroughly enjoys meeting and interacting with new people. On rare occasions when she’s not shopping or binge watching TV shows, you’ll find her playing the guitar, dancing, or making (not so) hilarious jokes.

As Under-Secretary-General of Public Relations, She anticipates making OakMUN one of the most exciting conferences yet, and she guarantees everyone an unforgettable experience!

Devanshika Bajpai

USG of Logistics

Devanshika Bajpai is in the eleventh grade at Oakridge, taking English, History and Psychology at a Higher Level.

When she’s not reading an obscure book, you’ll probably find her out with her friends, playing Russian opera music on her piano, or learning a new language. She’s a big fan of debate, having been an avid MUNer for around 2 years now.

As your Under-Secretary General for Logistics at OakMUN 2018, she promises not only an engaging, in-depth discussion of world issues, but a conference experience that you will never forget!

Abhinav Gogineni

USG of Finance

Abhinav is a junior at Oakridge International School currently pursuing the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. It is his immense pleasure to serve as OakMUN’s Under-Secretary-General of Finance!

Abhinav’s love for MUNs started back in 2013 when he was in the 7th Grade. Ever since, he has developed a great passion for MUNs and has participated in a large number of conferences, as both a delegate, and a member of the Executive Board.

Abhinav is also a national level Basketball player and had the amazing opportunity to represent the nation. He also plays the Guitar and loves spending time with friends and family.

As Under-Secretary-General of Finance, he assures that this conference will be a great learning experience as well as an unforgettable one.

Rohan Palvai

USG of Finance

Rohan is a junior currently enrolled in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at Oakridge International School, pursuing Biology, Chemistry and Economics at a higher level. OakMUN 2018 will be his first conference as a Secretariat member, and he promises to give it his all!

If Rohan isn’t out playing basketball, he’s either watching a Miami Heat game or enjoying a game of FIFA with his friends.

As Under Secretary General of Finance, he hopes that OakMUN 2018 will be an unforgettable experience for everyone, and ensures that no expenses will be spared in order to deliver the best edition of OakMUN yet!

Vindhya Banda

USG of Technology and Innovation

Vindhya Banda is an 11th grader studying Math, Physics and Chemistry as part of the CBSE curriculum. She is a voracious reader, an enthusiastic tennis player, a passionate coder, graphic designer, sketcher, and she enjoys a good debate.

Ever since her first MUN conference four years ago, Vindhya has enjoyed participating as a member of the Secretariat, the Executive Board, the International Press, and as a delegate. She believes that in this era of globalization, MUN is an event that leaves a marked impact on its participants and one that truly educates and empowers them as global citizens.

In her free time, she is most likely to be found refining her technical skills, reading a YA novel or sketching at the back of one of her notebooks.

As USG Technology and Innovation, Vindhya aims to make OakMUN 2018 an interactive and an inspiring conference!

Abhirup Ghosh

USG of Technology and Innovation

Currently a junior pursuing Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry at the Higher Level in the IB Diploma Programme at Oakridge International, Abhirup Ghosh will serve as your Head of Technology for this edition of OakMUN! Unless he’s jamming to rock music, you would find him running on the streets of Hyderabad or being a math-head and keeping up with the latest developments in the field of Mathematics and Computer Science.

He looks forward to seeing you all at OakMUN 2018 and hopes to make it an incredibly tech’y’-experience for all of you!